Latest updated blog: Rain and snow working in! -Doug

Rain and snow working in! -Doug
Thursday Morning

Good Tuesday night!  I hope the beginning of the week has started off great for you.  Mine has been pretty good.  Up in KC with my boy as he is knocking out round 9 of Chemo.  It is the long one, so he will be here all week.  But at least we had a pretty nice weather day for us today.  On Wednesday night at 9 and 10, I will do the winter long forecast for you.  I will also mix in the month long forecast.  I have it all put together and I am excited to get it out there.   This Heady Pattern isn’t the most active pattern, but it will give us much better chances at a bigger snow this winter.  We actually have a storm system moving in for us on Wednesday.  Clouds will increase for us tonight.  Temps will drop back near freezing.


Here is our developing storm system.  It is digging out into the western plains.  You can see the upper level wave working into the area.

Storm System

If we had just a little more cold air, this could be a good winter storm for us.  However, we are lacking the cold air with this system.  But remember, next time it comes around in January, it could be a better storm for us.  Rain will start to increase to our south through the day.  We will warm into the mid 40s.

Midday Wednesday

Our northern counties will stay dry all day.  The southern half of the 4-state area will start to pick up scattered showers during the afternoon.  However, the bulk of it will stay south of the region.

Wednesday Evening

Rain will continue to press in during the evening hours.  Temperatures will slowly drop back into the upper 30s.  By midnight, we will start to see pockets of rain and snow mixing in.  The snow will be big flat wet flakes, but mainly melt on contact.

Wednesday Night

After midnight, period of rain and snow.  When we get the pockets of snow, it could come down at a pretty good clip.  However, with temperatures only dropping back to about 35-36 degrees, it would really have to come down hard to accumulate.  Right now I am going to say if their were accumulations, it would be on the grassy surfaces.  By Thursday morning, we will still have pockets of rain and snow, but mainly light.

Thursday Morning

Pockets of a light wintry mix will continue through the morning hours.  It will start to taper during the afternoon on Thursday.

Thursday Pm

Again, as of now, if their were accumulations, I think they will be on the light side.  Okay, winter forecast Wednesday night at 9 and 10!

Have a great night and Wednesday,

Long range forecast is below.


Next week:  Warming up a big at the beginning of the week into the middle of the week.  A big storm system will roll in by Friday and last into the weekend.  Rain chances on Friday and then turning colder by Saturday with rain, snow and ice chances.  This should be a bigger storm system.

December 13th-19th:  A cool start with rain or snow chances on Sunday. The rest of the week is mainly cool with slight rain chances on Wednesday.  Warming up a bit by the weekend.

December 20th-26th:  Mainly a mild week into Christmas.  However, rain chances increasing through the week and colder air working in late in the week, so let’s see!

December 27th-January 2nd:  Mainly a cold week with rain and snow chances on Monday.  A much stronger system with rain and snow chances roll in on Wednesday and Thursday.

January 3rd-9th:  A mild start to the week with rain chances on Tuesday.  Rain and snow chances on Wednesday and Thursday.  Rain works right back in for the weekend.

January 10th-16th:  Cold with snow chances on Sunday.  Staying cool most of the week with rain and snow chances on Thursday.