Latest updated blog: Pattern picking up for the weekend. -Doug

Pattern picking up for the weekend. -Doug

I hope your week has been great and ready for Friday.  I am excited for the Chiefs game.  Not going to this game, but will be glued to the TV of course.  I am hoping Mahomes is able to play and toe doesn’t affect him to much.  We also have the Heady Pattern picking up over the weekend.  Lets look at Friday.

Day Planner

Friday, not a bad day.  A little chilly but we will take it.  Let’s move to Saturday.  A lot of clouds increase but temperatures good.  We have a slight chance for a shower as a warm front is lifting through, but most of Saturday looks good.


Rain will start to increase on Sunday.  Lets look at the Heady Pattern.  Here is the upper levels on Sunday.

Sunday Upper Levels

Lets look at the two waves heading our way.  The first on in the SW will roll through on Monday.  Now lets go back to December 11th.

December 11th

This is this part of the pattern.  You can see the exact fit above.  So, we are sitting on a 46 day pattern.  So on December 11th, we had mainly rain here with a little snow on the back side.  I think that exact thing will happen.  Now the second wave that will affect us on Wednesday, is the December 13th wave.  This has a much better shot of giving us some light snow.  So lets dig in on Sunday.


Rain will increase on Sunday.  We will have periods of showers through the day.  Now if you are heading up to KC for the game, a little different story.  KC could have a wintry mix by evening.


Now rain will increase on Sunday night and into Monday morning.  As we work through the day on Monday we could see a switch over to some snow.


Lets keep our eyes on this and I will keep you updated.  Have a great Friday!



Next Wednesday-Saturday:  Rain and snow chances on Wednesday.  Staying cool the rest of the week with mainly rain chances on Saturday.

January 31st-February 6th:  A cool start to the week with slight rain and snow chances on Sunday. The rest of the week looks dry. We’ll turn cold for Monday, cool for Tuesday and more mild for the rest of the week.

February 7th-13th:  The week starts mild with slight rain chances on Sunday and a bump up in the rain chances on Monday. We’ll stay cool for Tuesday and Wednesday with rain and snow chances on Wednesday. After a cold and quiet Thursday, another system works in with slight rain chances for Thursday. Otherwise, we’ll stay cool for Friday and turn mild again for Saturday.

February 14th-20th:  We’ll start off cool for Sunday with another storm system bringing in rain chances. Colder temperatures for Monday through Wednesday. The colder temperatures keep rain and snow chances around for Monday and Tuesday before we taper things down to slight snow chances on Wednesday.  We’ll turn cool for Thursday before we turn mild for the upcoming weekend.