Latest updated blog: More rain continues, plus your long range forecast. -Doug

More rain continues, plus your long range forecast. -Doug

I hope your week has been great so far.  I know the weather has been crazy.  We have picked up 1-2″ or rain in most areas.  Then our NW counties have seen some pretty good ice.  A lot of areas have picked up 1/4-1/2″ of ice on trees and power lines.  Usually this isn’t a huge deal.  However, being so early in the season, most of the trees still have leaves on the trees and it weighs them down  even more.  Thankfully, our temperatures are going to warm up the next couple of days.  Lets start with the early morning hours.


Light rain and drizzle will continue.  However, in our NW counties, we will continue to see freezing drizzle through the nights.  So this will cause some additional icy conditions.  I don’t expect much more in the way of ice, but be aware of it.  Mainly, dry through the morning as temperatures will warm into the 40s.  Rain increases during the afternoon hours.


Here is a look at your day planner.

Day Planner

Periods of showers and even a few thunderstorms increase during the afternoon and evening hours.  By late evening, most of us will have bands of showers and a few thunderstorms.

Late Evening

Luckily, all of us will stay above freezing.  So after the noon hour, nobody has to worry about ice.  Rain continues Wednesday night and into Thursday morning.

Thursday Am

I think most of the rain will be out of here by Thursday afternoon.  We could still pick up a decent amount of rain.


So with the rain we have gotten and the rain to come, we could have some flash flooding.  We do dry out and warm up toward the weekend.  Make sure you check out the long range forecast below.



Next Wednesday-Saturday:  Mainly mild the rest of the week with rain chances on Thursday and Friday.  A little cooler for Friday, but not cold air working in.

November 8th-14th:  A cool start to the week with rain chances on Sunday and Monday.  Staying cool into the middle of the week with mild temperatures returning.  Rain chances on Friday with rain or snow chances by Saturday.

November 15th-21st:  Mainly a cold to chilly week and mainly dry.  Slight rain chances on Thursday.

November 22nd-28th:  Back to mild for Thanksgiving week.  However, rain chances Wednesday through Saturday

November 29th-December 5th:  Up and down temperatures all week with two storms systems.  Rain chances on Monday and Tuesday.  Then again, rain chances back in for the weekend.