Latest updated blog: Month Long Forecast! Plus an update on Christian

Month Long Forecast! Plus an update on Christian

I hope you guys are all doing great!  It has been a very long time since I have blogged.  First off, I want to thank everyone for the outpouring support that my family has received over Christian.  He is still in the hospital as we have now passed two weeks and to be honest I am not sure if he will be home for a couple of weeks.  I am getting some hours in at work as much as I can because I know we will be traveling all over the country after this first of treatment.  So I am doing the commuting.  Once I finish this blog I will jump in the car and drive to KC.  I will head back down tomorrow afternoon.  C is going to have a procedure tomorrow to help with the fluid build-up, but that should make him feel better.  If his fevers and pain can stay under control, maybe he can be home for a couple days this weekend, but I think it is unlikely with his second round of Chemo starting on Tuesday.

So what about the weather?  Well, we have a weak wind shift line sitting over the area that should fire off some early morning scattered storms.  Mainly after 2-3 am and into the morning hours.


6am Morning


We will heat up once again with partly sunny skies.  However, I do think we will have isolated to scattered thunderstorms once again during the afternoon hours.



Same situation on Friday.  Hit and miss afternoon storms and into the lower 90s.  Actually the 4th looks better!


4th Of July

I haven’t had a chance to update the long range forecast lately.  So I will remove it for now, but I did do the month long forecast tonight.  So check it out below.




Next week:

Hot and humid with a slight chance for an isolated storm each day.


Week 1

If I go with Hot, that means 90 or greater.  Warm is usually 80s.  Here are the remaining weeks.

Week 2

19th through 25th.

Week 3

26th through August 1st.

Week 4