Latest updated Blog: Month long forecast! Lots of changes. -Doug

Latest updated Blog: Month long forecast! Lots of changes. -Doug

I hope your week has been going great so far.  Mine, has been super busy but good.  This is my first day back after being in KC with my son for chemo.  This is his last round of chemo prior to surgery.  Christian and I will take off in two weeks and head to NY for surgery number 1.  I think he is ready to get this process rolling.  So, I am back for the rest of the week and we got to do the month long forecast tonight.  First off, lets look at Thursday.


We have a cold front slipping in by late afternoon.  I think ahead of the front, we should make it up into the upper 80s for highs.  With the front, a few late afternoon isolated storms.  These will be hit and miss, but they will be out there.

Friday looks great, and we start heating back up for the holiday week.  We will have slight chances for thunderstorms on Saturday and Labor Day itself.  But then the changes work in.  By next Tuesday and Wednesday, a stronger upper level storm rotates through the northern plains.  This will give us rain on Tuesday and much cooler temperatures through the middle of the week.

Next Wednesday

But we could be looking at 60s for highs which would be amazing!  Alright, month long.

Month Overview

As the Jet Steam starts getting stronger we get stronger storm systems that dig farther south.  This will allow bigger temperatures swings through the month.  I love this time of the year.  The new Heady Pattern is just 2 weeks away from being completely set.  Because we morph from the old to the new, I would say 75% of what we are seeing now is new and 25% is old.  But we are in the early fall version of this pattern.  We started morphing into the new pattern in late July.  If you look back at August, it wasn’t the same summer that we had in June and July.  Lets look at next week.

Week 2

Here is my temperature scale:  90 and above is hot, 75-89 is warm, 60-74 is mild, 50s are chilly.  So you can see the hot holiday weekend and much cooler through the middle of the week.  Lets head to the next week.

Week 3

Week three looks to be mainly in the 80s with thunderstorm chances on Monday and Tuesday, then a bigger system on Thursday and Friday that drops our temperatures for the weekend.

Lets go to week 4.

Week 4

Big temperature swings this week.  A warm start but 50s and 60s possible for highs by the middle of the week.  Another system in on Friday and Saturday that really drops our temperatures.

Week 5:

Week 5

A chilly start to the week and then back to mild temperatures by the second half of the week.  Rain chances Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  I hope you enjoy your Thursday!