Latest updated blog: Month Long Forecast: -Doug

Month Long Forecast: -Doug

Good Thursday night/Friday morning.  I hope your week has been great so far.  Mine has been pretty good.  The weather has been a little chilly, but not to bad.  We are going to have another cold start on Friday.  However, we are going to start to warm up a lot more over the next few days.  First off, here is your day planner.


We will continue to warm into the weekend.  Easter Sunday looks great!


So lets jump into the month long forecast.


In the Heady Pattern we have a recurring cycle.  This pattern will last until September, then the new pattern will fire up.  The recurring cycle length in this pattern is 46 days.  Remember mid February, snow, extreme cold.  That cold front that cause that artic air was the same system we had the past two days with the frost and freeze.  Thankfully this time around, we aren’t seeing the artic air, but it is colder.  The last week of April is when our severe weather chances really ramp up.  Lets look at next week.

Nice and warm with slight rain chances until Wednesday and Thursday.  Those two days our rain chances will ramp up.  Some of those thunderstorms could be on the stronger side.  We will cool down a bit heading into next weekend.  Lets go to week two.

Week 2

Some what of a cooler week with plenty of rain chances.  Now, I don’t really see severe weather this week but something to watch.  Week 3,

Week 3

Warming right back up for the 3rd week.  In fact, should be well into the 70s and 80s by the second half of the week.  We do have chances for thunderstorms on the 20th.  Those could pack a small punch.

Week 4

Week 4 really picks up.  Several shots for thunderstorms and severe weather. This will continue into the first couple days of May before we get a bit of a break.


April 8th-April 10th: We’ll stick with mild temperatures for Thursday and into the weekend. After dealing with t-storms and a severe threat for Thursday, we’ll stay dry for Friday and Saturday.

April 11th-April 17th: We’re looking at another kind of active week with slight t-storm chances Sunday, rain & t-storms for Monday, t-storms again on Wednesday, showers on Thursday, rain chances on Friday and slight rain chances on Saturday. We’ll be mild to start the week before a brief cool down for Tuesday. After a mild Wednesday, we’ll stay rather cool for the rest of the week.

April 18th-April 24th: With the exception of some t-storm chances on Tuesday, we’re looking at mainly a quiet week. We’re mild to start the week before we warm back up for Thursday and to start the weekend out.

April 25th-May 1st: Several waves will be on the way for this week. We’ll watch for t-storms and a severe threat for our Sunday. After t-storm chances for Monday and Tuesday, we’ll watch for a severe threat with our t-storm chances on Wednesday and Thursday. We’ll dry out for Friday and Saturday before we see another wave with a possible severe threat by that following Sunday, May 2nd. Sunday will be warm before we settle for a mild stretch from Monday through Friday. We’ll turn warm again on Saturday.