Latest Updated Blog: Lots of rain and severe weather threats! -Doug

Lots of rain and severe weather threats! -Doug

Good Thursday night!  I hope your week has gone great so far.  We are flying right on through it and heading to the weekend.  After what I think was our last freeze this morning, we have a lot of rain heading toward us over the next 36 hours.  Showers are pushing through the region now and will be pretty steady the next few hours.  Scattered showers will stick around after this patch tonight and into the morning hours.


However, by mid afternoon, the rain really picks up.  Showers and thunderstorms.  Some of these could be on the stronger side or even low grade severe.  If we had anything severe, it would mainly be wind and some small hail but very heavy rains.

Mid Afternoon

As we working in the mid evening hours, heavy rains with showers and thunderstorms continue.


And it continues with very heavy rains with strong to low grade severe storms through the evening until around midnight.

Late Evening

The heaviest rains taper off after midnight with scattered showers into Saturday morning.  We will get some super heavy rains.


Most of the weekend looks good as we start to warm up.  Our next system and severe threat moves out on Tuesday.  This will give us good chances for thunderstorms and some that could be severe.

Tuesday Evening

And of course, don’t forget my long range forecasting pattern.  Here is the break down on what days I think we could have severe weather over the next 5 weeks.

Severe Weather

Long range forecast is below.


Next Friday and Saturday: Staying mild and mainly dry.  Some thunderstorms could sneak in late Saturday.

May 2nd-8th:  Sunday is looking warm before we turn mild for Monday and Tuesday. We’ll warm back up for Wednesday through Friday before a slight cool down on Saturday. We’ll watch for severe weather chances on Sunday, Monday and Friday before we see just regular t-storms on Saturday.

May 9th-May 15th:  We’ll stay mild for Sunday and Monday before a warm up kicks in for Tuesday and Wednesday. After a mild Thursday, we’ll be warm to start the weekend out. We’ll watch for t-storms on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. We’ll watch Wednesday the 12th and Saturday the 15th for severe weather chances.

May 16th-May 22nd:  Except for a warm Tuesday, we’ll stay mainly mild for this week. We’ll watch for slight t-storm chances on Sunday, a severe threat for Tuesday the 18th, a severe threat for Thursday the 20th, a severe threat for Friday the 21st and additional t-storms on Saturday.

May 23rd-May 29th: We’ll go from warm temperatures Sunday & Monday to a mild stretch for the middle of the week and back to warm temperatures by the weekend. We’ll watch for a severe threat for Sunday through Tuesday, showers on Wednesday and another chance for severe weather on Saturday the 29th.

May 30th-June 5th: We’ll bounce between mild and warm temperatures to start the week before a mild stretch kicks in for Wednesday and Thursday. We should be warm for Friday and mild for Saturday. T-storms are possible for Sunday, Tuesday and Friday followed by rain chances on Saturday.

June 6th-June 12th: Temperatures look mild for Sunday before we turn warmer for Monday & Tuesday. After a mild Wednesday, we’ll be warm for Thursday before we heat up for the weekend. We’ll watch for t-storms on Monday and Tuesday before a severe threat returns on Saturday.

June 13th-June 19th: With the exception of a mild Friday, we’ll mainly be warm for this week. We’ll watch for rain chances on Sunday, t-storms on Tuesday, strong to severe t-storms on Wednesday and another shot for t-storms on Thursday.

June 20th-June 26th: The week starts hot before we back down to warm temperatures for Wednesday through Friday. We should turn hot again for Saturday. We’ll watch for t-storm chances on Tuesday and Thursday.