Latest updated blog: Heating up a bit more, also the tropics! -Doug

Heating up a bit more, also the tropics! -Doug

I hope you had a great work week and of course ready for the weekend.  Our weather was pretty good most of the week.  We have mainly been in the 80s and our humidity has been decently low.  We could use a little rain through.  We are still actually 5″ of normal for 2020.  However, we haven’t had much the past couple of months, so technically it is dry.  Check out the drought tracker.


So we could definitely use some.  However, our chances are slim to none the next couple of days.  The 90s have returned and a little bit of humidity.  It isn’t bad but it is a little bit higher.  We should be in the low 90s on Saturday.  But still, the humidity won’t be awful.


A few scattered thunderstorms or Sunday north of the viewing area, but that is about it.


We will continue to slowly climb into the mid 90s by next week.  But again, pretty boring for us until maybe picking up a bit late next week.  We are watching two tropical systems.  Check this out.

Here is Tropical Depression #14:

Depression 14

It looks like this depression could become a low grade hurricane in a few days and push into Texas.  However, more interesting is there is a second one.


This is tropical storms Laura.  She also will work into the Gulf about a day behind the first one.  I am hoping some of this tropical moisture will get up in our neck of the woods later next week.  Besides that, it is boring, which I hate.  But the new Heady Pattern is far from being completed.  We are just 1 month away from the new Heady Pattern.  So much more to come on that.

Enjoy your Saturday!


Long range forecast into September:

Next Saturday:  Warm with still slight chances for thunderstorms.

August 30th-September 5th:  Mainly a hot week.  We should be dry the first half of the week with slight chances for thunderstorms on Wednesday and Thursday.  Additional thunderstorm chances on Saturday.

September 6th-12th:  Mainly a warm week with highs into the 80s.  We will cool down a bit by the weekend which will be nice.  Slight chances for thunderstorms on Labor Day and Tuesday.  Then scattered thunderstorms again on Thursday and Friday with a cold front shifting through the area.

September 13th-19th:  A warm start but most of the week will be mild.  Thunderstorms with a cold front on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  The rest of the week will be dry and nice!