Latest updated blog: Heading into the holiday weekend!

Heading into the holiday weekend!

Good Friday night!  I hope everyone had a great week!  And of course, I hope everyone has a fantastic 4th of July holiday weekend.  I will head back up to KC until Monday morning to hang with Christian.  I am going to take some good movies up there that we can tear through over the weekend.  I am not heading up until the morning.  I want to get him a little special gift that he has been really wanting.  I think he this will give him a little boost to keep moving forward.  He has had a much better today and actually back to having some small conversations.  Thanks again for all the support.

Scattered thunderstorms have been working through during the evening hour.  We will continue to get some scattered storms, especially late tonight.

4 Am

Scattered pop-up storms through the morning but should really pick up during the afternoon hours.  Some of these could be strong, with heavy rains.  These will be scattered, so not everyone will get rain.  Here is a look at the late afternoon.


Saturday Pm

I do think these will start to calm down a bit by sunset.

7pm Saturday

Hopefully this won’t affect anyone’s fireworks, but I will watch it.  Here is what I am thinking for the evening hours.


Evening Planner

I will still update the long range forecast over the next week.  However, your month long forecast is below.




Next week:

Hot and humid with a slight chance for an isolated storm each day.


Week 1

If I go with Hot, that means 90 or greater.  Warm is usually 80s.  Here are the remaining weeks.

Week 2

19th through 25th.

Week 3

26th through August 1st.

Week 4