Latest updated blog – Hard freeze to start Wednesday out – Nick

Warmer temperatures and other systems in the forecast

Good Tuesday evening, everyone. It’s still remarkable how we can go from a nice, mostly sunny and mild day to much colder temperatures and rain/snow chances for the next day. That’s exactly what Mother Nature brought in for today. While the vast majority of the snow melted on impact thanks to warm ground temperatures, the bands of moderate to heavy snow did result in 3/4″ of snow in the Joplin area today. With no other snow chances on the horizon until later this year (hopefully), we picked up 19.25″ of snow for the 2020-2021 winter/spring season. That’s not bad when you consider the fact that we usually get 12″ each season and we forecasted 15″ in total.


Not only did we see rain/snow chances work in today, we certainly had the colder air slam in as advertised behind the cold front that passed through last night. The numbers from Joplin Regional show how we went from highs around 70° yesterday to lows in the lower 30s late this morning and afternoon temperatures only peaking at 41°.


Looking at our surface setup, our cold front is well to the south of the region while high pressure will keep our skies quiet for tonight and for our Wednesday.


While we do see our upper-level low working into the Great Lakes, the jet stream is staying to our south for tonight and Wednesday. That will make sure we see record cold temperatures tonight and a chilly day for our Wednesday while we keep an eye on our next system working across northern California.


Even though the weather stays quiet for tonight and Wednesday AM, the main story will be the record low temperatures bringing a hard freeze to the area. That’s why everyone is under a freeze warning until 10 AM on our Wednesday.


With mostly clear skies and a light breeze eventually coming from the west and southwest, everyone will have quite a cold start for Wednesday. With Joplin expected to drop to 27° before sunrise and everyone else in the middle to upper 20s, this will break the record low of 30° set back in 1966.


Fortunately, it won’t stay cold all day long. Even with some partly sunny skies trying to sneak back in for the afternoon, our southwest breeze at 5-15 mph will help warm us up before they shift back out of the northwest late in the day. We’re expecting highs in the middle 50s across the area for our Wednesday afternoon.


While we don’t expect another hard freeze for Wednesday night and Thursday morning, we could have some patchy frost as low temperatures should drop into the middle 30s under partly cloudy skies.


While we start Thursday off on a dry note, that wave sitting in northern California will start to change our weather up as it will bring in mostly cloudy skies during the day and scattered showers during the afternoon. Despite that, we’ll have highs nudging a bit warmer as temperatures will top out in the upper 50s.


While one part of our next system will move on as we work into Friday, another portion of that wave will slide across the Texas Panhandle as our weekend gets started. That will keep us under the clouds with scattered rain sticking around. Even with this in the forecast, we’ll have highs back into the lower 60s across the region.


Thankfully, this system will not be sticking around all weekend long. While it want to keep some scattered showers around for Saturday morning, we’ll dry out as we stay mostly cloudy for the rest of the day. After a chilly start with lows in the lower 50s, we’ll see highs climb back into the middle 60s for Saturday afternoon.


For Sunday and Monday, things look pretty good for us. With a returning jet stream for Sunday and an upper-level ridge in place for Monday, that will certainly warm things up as we stay quiet under partly to mostly sunny skies. After we see highs top out in the middle 70s on Sunday, we’ll top out around 80° for Monday.


Sticking with Doug’s pattern, we’re keeping a close eye on a stronger storm system that will work on Tuesday. As temperatures stay warm with highs in the middle 70s, this could serve as fuel for t-storms Tuesday afternoon and Tuesday evening. We’ll have to keep an eye on a severe threat as we work into our Tuesday.


Beyond next Tuesday, other severe weather chances we’re watching will be on Friday the 30th, May 2nd and May 7th. Doug has the rest of the long range forecast through much of June covered for you down below. Have a good night and a great Wednesday!


April 28th-May 1st: We’ll keep mild for Wednesday and Thursday. A brief warm up for Friday before we turn back to mild territory on Saturday. We’ll have chances for rain on Wednesday before we watch for another severe threat on Friday and additional t-storms for Saturday.

May 2nd-8th:  Sunday is looking warm before we turn mild for Monday and Tuesday. We’ll warm back up for Wednesday through Friday before a slight cool down on Saturday. We’ll watch for severe weather chances on Sunday, a severe threat on Friday and additional t-storms on Saturday.

May 9th-May 15th:  We’ll stay mild for Sunday and Monday before a warm up kicks in for Tuesday and Wednesday. After a mild Thursday, we’ll be warm to start the weekend out. We’ll watch for t-storms on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

May 16th-May 22nd:  Except for a warm Tuesday, we’ll stay mainly mild for this week. We’ll watch for slight t-storm chances on Sunday, a severe threat for Tuesday the 18th, a severe threat for Thursday the 20th and additional t-storms on Saturday.

May 23rd-May 29th: We’ll go from warm temperatures Sunday & Monday to a mild stretch for the middle of the week and back to warm temperatures by the weekend. We’ll watch for a severe threat for both Sunday and Monday, slight t-storm chances on Tuesday, showers on Wednesday and t-storms back in on Saturday.

May 30th-June 5th: We’ll bounce between mild and warm temperatures to start the week before a mild stretch kicks in for Wednesday and Thursday. We should be warm for Friday and mild for Saturday. T-storms are possible for Sunday, Tuesday and Friday followed by rain chances on Saturday.

June 6th-June 12th: Temperatures look mild for Sunday before we turn warmer for Monday & Tuesday. After a mild Wednesday, we’ll be warm for Thursday before we heat up for the weekend. We’ll watch for t-storms on Monday and Tuesday before a severe threat returns on Saturday.

June 13th-June 19th: With the exception of a mild Friday, we’ll mainly be warm for this week. We’ll watch for rain chances on Sunday, t-storms on Tuesday, strong to severe t-storms on Wednesday and another shot for t-storms on Thursday.

June 20th-June 26th: The week starts hot before we back down to warm temperatures for Wednesday through Friday. We should turn hot again for Saturday. We’ll watch for t-storm chances on Tuesday and Thursday.