Latest updated blog – Drying out for the next few days – Nick

Warmer temperatures edging ever closer

Good Wednesday evening, everyone. You don’t need us to tell you that it stayed cold once again in Joplin and across the region today. It’s still remarkable to see the temperatures from Joplin Regional down below ranging from our record low Tuesday morning to today. After we saw an observed low of -15 in Joplin Tuesday morning (the coldest we’ve seen since December of 1989, it was good to see the sun yesterday send highs back into the lower to middle teens. Temperatures held primarily in the lower to middle teens this morning as another storm system brought snow back into the region. Once the snow moved on, we saw pockets of sun break out and send us into the lower to middle 20s this afternoon.


Speaking of the snow, the system that worked through today brought an additional 3 to 5 inches of additional snow to many parts of the area. Doug did observe 4″ of snow in his part of the Joplin metro before the snow cleared out this afternoon. If you combine the snow we saw early this week with the snow we got today, most spots in southeast Kansas picked up between 6 and 9 inches. Once you worked into extreme southeast Kansas, northeast Oklahoma and the Joplin area along I-44 and I-49 up to almost Nevada, we saw 9 to 12 inches in total this week. Once you work closer to US 65 and Table Rock Lake, that’s where the amounts dropped back to the 6″ to 9″ range.


As we start breaking down the weather setup and the forecast ahead of us, let me say this right off the top. While a few systems are on the way, we do NOT see any more big snow headed our way. The surface setup shows two areas of high pressure working into the Great Lakes and into the Northeast. While an area of low pressure along a cold and warm front continues to hug the Gulf Coast and cause more wintry weather and even some t-storms for parts of the Deep South. To the west, we have a couple of ill-defined stationary fronts that won’t play a role in our weather in the immediate future.


Upstairs at the jet stream level, the upper low that brought us the snow is trying to hold over southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. It has pushed our snow from earlier today off to the east. Once this low is gone, we’re dry for Thursday and we’ll watch the jet stream start to moderate and head back closer to us. That will lead to a MORE than welcome bump in temperatures.


As the upper-level low continues to move on, we’ll hold on to partly cloudy skies during the overnight hours. Even though the pockets of sun went back to work on trying to melt some of the snow, the snowpack in place means we stay cold with lows in the middle single digits across much of the region.


With partly sunny skies in place, that will get back to work at melting off some of the snow. That will take place despite temperatures staying below freezing. We’ll climb back near 20 by the lunch hour and head into the middle 20s across much of the region for your Thursday afternoon.


Heading into the weekend, we’ll start cold once again for your Friday morning under continued partly cloudy skies. We’ll have lows back in the middle single digits across much of the region.


Once we get past our cold start Friday morning, it will be VERY nice to see our wind come back out of the southwest. That will help highs push back into the lower 30s as we continue with partly sunny skies for the day.


If we look at the upper-level setup for the start of the weekend, we can see how the jet stream will start to moderate as our upper-level snow machine scoots off to the east. This moderating jet will lift back to the north in our direction and send us back into the upper 30s and some lower 40s for Saturday under continued partly sunny skies.


While we stay dry to start the weekend out, we’ll have another system come our way from the Pacific Northwest as we head into Sunday. With temperatures much warmer with this wave, we’ll see this result in scattered rain around the region. We do start near freezing for Sunday morning, but we should be warm enough for this to be rain as the moisture kicks in. It will certainly be rain chances with this wave as we head into the lower 40s for Sunday afternoon.


Compared to how this week started, early next week is looking A LOT better. We’ll hold on to partly sunny skies with highs back in the middle 40s for Monday. After see highs jump back into the upper 50s for Tuesday, we’ll hold onto that territory for Wednesday. The map below, though, shows another wave that wants to start sneaking in on Wednesday with some additional rain chances.


If you’re curious as to how we look beyond next Wednesday, Doug has his long range forecast out through March 20th down below. Have a good night and stay warm. This Arctic air is almost on its way out.


Next Thursday-Saturday: Temperatures turn a bit colder for Thursday and Friday as we keep an eye on slight chances for rain and/or snow. While we stay a bit cold for Saturday, we’ll be dry.

February 28th-March 6th: Sunday will be a cool end to our weekend before we trend briefly mild for Monday and colder again for Tuesday. After a cold Wednesday, we’ll head back into cool territory for Thursday and Friday before we trend warmer for Saturday. We’ll watch for rain chances on Monday, snow chances for Tuesday and slight chances for snow Thursday and Friday.

March 7th-13th:  We’ll start with slight rain chances for Sunday and Monday before we dry out by Tuesday. We’ll watch for another chance for rain on Thursday and Friday. Cool temperatures will be around from Sunday through Wednesday before we turn mild for Thursday & Friday before we turn colder again on Saturday.

March 14th-20th:  The only chances for any precipitation this week will be rain/snow chances on Sunday and rain chances for Wednesday. We’ll be cool to start the week out before we turn mild for Tuesday and Wednesday. We’ll turn briefly cooler for Thursday before we start warming up again for the weekend.