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Even with t-storm chances over the next several days

Good Tuesday evening, everyone. Most of the area managed to stay quiet as we continued to warm things up today. While we started in the lower to middle 60s once again this morning, we bumped the thermostat up a little for this afternoon. Even though highs were bumped up a degree or two compared to yesterday, everyone saw highs bounce back into the middle 80s today.


Our evening started off warm once again and we’ll have a gradual drop in temperatures as we work into the night. Plan on the warming trend to continue for your Wednesday, though. After we get past another mild (kind of warm) start for Wednesday morning, we’ll be ready to shoot into the upper 80s for Wednesday afternoon.


Even with this warming trend continuing for the rest of the week, we’re also watching rain chances that will certainly want to pick up over the next few days. We saw some more warmth and humidity work in today with an upper low sitting over the Oklahoma/Texas line. Despite the additional moisture and the presence of the low, we haven’t seen any rain or t-storms pop up underneath the cloud cover today.


While the upper low may not have brought much in the way of rain chances today, our next cold front to the north should be able to do the trick for the next few days. Even though the front won’t pass through the area, it will set up shop across northern Kansas and northern Missouri for Wednesday and also Thursday morning.


For the rest of the evening and night ahead of us, we’ll keep skies partly cloudy and quiet across the area. Our warm evening will eventually turn into a mild start for your Wednesday as lows drop back into the upper 60s to near 70.


After sunrise, we’ll start warming up pretty quickly for the rest of the day. We’ll fly past the 70s during the morning and push into the middle 80s by the start of the afternoon.


Even with skies staying partly sunny, a southwest wind will kick in at 15 to 20 mph for the afternoon. That will help temperatures push into the upper 80s for afternoon highs. Even for the spots that come close to 90 for the afternoon, it will be pretty warm and humid across the area for your Wednesday.


With the front in northern Kansas and northern Missouri, it’ll start to fire off strong to severe t-storms in that area before they decide to take a dive to the south. A few t-storms are possible for the late afternoon, but our chances for storms will pick up as the northern storms start working in during the evening.


As the t-storms roll in for the evening, some could be strong with a few low-grade severe t-storms possible. It’s something we’ll continue to watch closely as we work through the evening. While some t-storms will stick around for Thursday morning, skies will stay partly to mostly cloudy with lows only dropping back near 70.


The expectation for Thursday afternoon will be to have our rain chances clear out and some skies turn partly sunny once again. While you would think that the t-storms would cool us down for Thursday, the upper level ridge remains in control as the front lifts back to the north. That means we’ll turn hot and humid for the afternoon with highs in the lower 90s.


The heat and humidity will stick with us as we roll into the first weekend of June a few weak waves riding along the edge of the ridge. With those waves passing close by for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we’ll hold onto some isolated to scattered t-storm chances for the weekend.


Going into next week, it starts to get a little interesting for us. We’ll be watching Tropical Storm Cristobal develop in the Gulf of Mexico as we work through the rest of the week. It’s planning on working into the Gulf Coast by the end of the weekend. While it stays away for the weekend, it’ll edge closer to us as we head for Monday and Tuesday of next week. It may bring temperatures back into the upper 80s for highs, but it’ll also keep rain chances in the forecast as we head into next week.


With a few systems on our plate over the next several days, we’ll keep an eye on everything as we roll along. Don’t forget that Doug has your long range forecast out through the month and through early July down below.

Have a good night and a great Wednesday!


Long range forecast through early July:

Next Week:  Warm with t-storms on Wednesday.  Some of these could be strong to severe.  Mainly dry the rest of the week with comfortable temperatures.  A warming trend once again as we work into the weekend.

June 14th-20th:  Warm temperatures through Wednesday before we heat up by the end of the week. T-storm chances for Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We’ll watch for a low severe threat on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

June 21st-27th:  Warm for most of the week. A few hot days want to squeak in for Wednesday and Thursday. T-storm chances on Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. A low severe threat is possible for Thursday.

June 28th-July 4th:  A hot start to the week with thunderstorm chances on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Some of those could be severe on Wednesday.  Warm on Thursday and Friday but hot temps back in for the 4th.  Also, thunderstorm chances on the 4th.

July 5th-11th:  A warm to hot week with slight chances for storms on Wednesday.  Better chances for scattered storms on Friday and Saturday.