Latest updated blog: Beautiful weather, but boring for me. However, changes! -Doug

Beautiful weather, but boring for me. However, changes! -Doug

I hope you had a great Wednesday and of course ready for the final stretch into the weekend!  Christian and I take off for NY on Saturday to start his major surgery process.  So as of Friday, I will be gone for a couple of weeks.  However, with the weather we are going to get the next couple of weeks, you won’t need me here, lol.  We have had a great stretch of temperatures lately.  I did think it was a little warmer than I like it the past couple of days, but we do have cooler temperatures working in.  The new Heady pattern will be completely set in the next week.  This year we will have a La Nina influence which is just one piece of the puzzle added in to the Heady Pattern.  I have been watching the morphing from the old pattern to the new pattern over the past 6 weeks or so.  We are going to see a big shift the next couple of weeks as the Heady Pattern launches fully into the new state.  So when I say pattern, that means what we seem to always get for the entire year.  Meaning, it was a wet year or a dry year.  That is the pattern.  With-in the pattern is a recurring cycle.  That cycle usually is in the 41-65 day range.  This past years Heady Pattern was 58.5 days since last September.  I feel very confident on where the new cycle is going to land this coming year.  Much more to come on this.  Thursday looks great!


It is the overnight lows you are really going to notice.  Check out Thursday night.

Thursday Night

Another fantastic day on Friday.


This fantastic weather sticks around for the weekend and really most of next week.  Let me show you why.

Next Week

The jet stream is way up across the US/Canada border.  With it that far north, we can’t get any storm systems into the area.  The Jet will start to take some massive dips south starting in about 10-14 days.  Long range forecast below.


Next Thursday-Saturday:  Staying nice with temperatures near 80.  We will have very slight chances for rain.

September 27th-October 3rd: A warm start to the week but cooling down by the middle of the week with a cold front rolling in.  Rain chances on Sunday and Monday with this system.  Mild temperatures return by the week with rain chances.

October 4th-10th:  Mainly a mild and calm week with rain chances on Friday and Saturday.

October 11th-18th:  A mild start but a cool end of the week.  Rain chances on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

October 19th-25th:  Mainly a mild week with cooler temperatures by the weekend.  Rain chances on Monday, then again Thursday through Friday.