Latest updated blog – A bit warmer for Sunday – Nick

Relatively quiet week ahead of us

Good Saturday evening, everyone. We have been slowly warming things up as we continued through our weekend across the area. We started the weekend out with a cloudy Friday with scattered rain across parts of the area. That kept us in the upper 60s for Friday afternoon after we started chilly in the upper 50s. Temperatures fared a little better today since we got rid of the rain chances and some of heavier cloud cover. We started mild in the lower to middle 60s this morning and saw highs rebound into the middle 70s this afternoon.


Some spots also started out with some patchy fog Saturday morning before it burned off for the rest of the day. Some areas of fog will be possible once again tonight as we head toward our Sunday. It will be a chilly night before we trend a little warmer as we wrap pup the weekend on our Sunday.


Breaking down our weather setup below, we’re starting off with the jet stream upstairs in the atmosphere. The upper low that sat across the Four Corners for most of this week is now working across the Upper Midwest. It took the rain chances out of here, but it kept us cooler than normal with the jet just to our south. What’s more remarkable about the setup is what it brought in for today. Wildfires are ongoing across California, Arizona and New Mexico. With the upper-level winds set as they were today, the winds grabbed some of the haze and smoke from the fires out west and sent it into the Southern Plains. Some of that actually gave us a hazy and smoky look to the skies at times during the day.


Back to our area, the departing upper-level low to our north will also push the stubborn front that we saw for much of this week off to our east. Like Doug said the other day, though, the wave is bringing through one quick and weak cold front that will mainly keep a light north breeze going through the night.


While the front is trying to stir up a little cloud cover, most areas will be mostly clear to start the overnight out. Even with a light north breeze by morning, temperatures near the dew point will lead to areas of mist and fog overnight and into Sunday morning. Despite that, we’ll be chilly with lows in the upper 50s for the morning.


Any areas of mist or fog that are present to start the morning out are expected to clear out after 9 or 10 AM. Then, we’ll focus on returning mostly sunny skies nudging us a little warmer compared to the highs we saw today. With a light north breeze, we’ll stay below normal for a nice end to the weekend. By lunch time, we’ll see temperatures pushing into the middle 70s across the region.


For the afternoon, it’s looking really good all across the area. With mostly sunny skies and a north breeze at 5-10 mph only allowing highs in the upper 70s, it’s perfect for any outdoor plans.


While we stay quiet for Sunday night and Monday morning, we’ll be watching for a few clouds trying to pass by in addition to a few possible patchy areas of fog. Once again, we’ll start off on a chilly note as we work into Monday morning with lows back in the upper 50s.


With partly to mostly sunny skies in the forecast for Monday, we’ll have no problem warming back up with afternoon highs across the area in the upper 70s.


While the upper-level setup doesn’t have any big storm systems heading our way from the west, we will be keeping an eye on what’s brewing in the Gulf of Mexico. Off the southwestern coast of Florida tonight, Tropical Storm Sally is ready to work into the Gulf of Mexico where plenty of warm water will strengthen this over the next few days. With landfall possible between New Orleans and the state lines of Florida and Alabama in the Panhandle, this wants to strengthen into a hurricane by Tuesday. While we keep an eye on where Sally will go, the jet will stay to our southwest and keep us in the lower 80s with partly sunny skies for Tuesday.


Once Sally is on land, the jet stream will grab it on Wednesday and start to steer it through the middle of the week. Even with it staying a good distance to our southeast, any moisture from Sally will try to head our way with some isolated t-storm chances for Wednesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon. Otherwise, the position of the jet will keep us a little bit below normal with highs staying in the lower to middle 80s through the middle of the week.


By Friday and Saturday as the weekend gets going, the upper-level setup will start to bring the ridge back into the Southern Plains. Fortunately, the jet stream will stay right on top of the region. That means temperatures will stay near normal with lows in the upper 50s and highs in the lower 80s. Not only that, we’ll start the weekend off with partly to mostly sunny skies.


If you’re curious about how we look for the rest of the month and into the first few days of October, Doug has you covered with his long range forecast down below. Have a good night and a great Sunday!


September 20th-26th:  A warm start to the week with rain chances on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  With this system, we will cool down a bit the rest of the week with mild temperatures.  Slight chances for rain will return by the weekend.

September 27th-October 3rd:  A chilly start to the week with mild temperatures the second half of the week.  Rain chances on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.