Latest Blog: Cold temperatures stick around and long range forecast. -Doug

Latest Blog: Cold temperatures stick around and long range forecast. -Doug

I hope your week has been great so far! Mine has been busy but I love to see a little bit of snow.  I haven’t put the winter forecast together yet, but I will do that over the next couple of weeks.  Also the new Heady Pattern is right on track with a short cycle this year.  Last year was 64 days long but a short 44-45 day cycle this year.  I prefer a shorter cycle due to if a system comes through that I really like, I don’t have to wait to long for it to whip back in.  We are going to start Wednesday with some clouds and even a few flurries.

Wednesday Morning

By the afternoon, sunshine once again but staying cold with highs only into the upper 30s.  Also it will be breezy out there.

Wednesday Pm

Here is the problem and will become a recurring one this winter.  Look at this upper level low.

Upper Levels

You can see the Jet Stream right out of Canada into the central plains.  This just continues to pump the colder air into our neck of the woods.  Until this low shifts away, we are going to be pretty cold and that will last the rest of the week.  By Thursday, clouds increase once again with a few random sprinkles.


By Thursday night, we could get some flurries or even a few snow showers.

Thursday Night

We do start to warm up a bit next week but I am watching for another moderate size system working in around Thanksgiving.  Long range forecast is below.



7 Day Forecast

Long range forecast:

Next Wednesday-Saturday:  Warming up with rain chances in on Wednesday and Thursday.  Depending on the track of the system, we could get a mix of rain or snow in here by Black Friday but it doesn’t look likely at this time.  We will cool back down after Thanksgiving.

November 27th-December 3rd: Mainly a cold or chilly week.  Some rain or snow chances on Tuesday, then cold and mainly dry the rest of the week.

December 18th-24th: A mild start to the week but turning colder by Tuesday.  Rain and snow chances on Sunday and Monday. Then slight chances for rain or snow on Wednesday and Thursday.  Warming up a bit for Christmas but another decent system coming in right after Christmas.