Late Wednesday December 4th – Next wave rolling in

Not much of a punch with it
Late Wednesday December 4th – Next wave rolling in

Good Wednesday evening, everyone. Sure enough, we had cloud cover pick back up throughout the day. Despite that, we had a southwest breeze in play to warm temperatures up after our cold start this morning. With highs pushing into the upper 50s today, that certainly is above the average high of 50 for this early in the month of December. We were dry to start the evening out, and we’ll stay dry on the radar below tonight as mostly cloudy skies stick with us…

Even though skies will stay mostly cloudy through Thursday, we’ll turn mild after another cold start in the morning. After we start in the middle 30s, we’ll have highs pushing close to 60 Thursday afternoon…

Late Wednesday December 4th – Next wave rolling in

The clouds have been picking up today ahead of our approaching storm system from the southwest. As it continues to work across the Central Plains, it will pick up moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and will cause some scattered showers to develop. That will pick up across parts of the area late Thursday afternoon but certainly by Thursday evening…

Late Wednesday December 4th – Next wave rolling in

This system won’t be packing a big punch. We’ll just deal with light scattered showers through Thursday evening and could linger into early Friday morning. Once we get the AM drive for Friday underway, the system will push far enough east to keep us dry for the day…

Late Wednesday December 4th – Next wave rolling in

If you’re curious as to how we look for the rest of the week and the rest of the month, Doug put out his month-long forecast last night. If you missed it, you can catch it below…

Don’t forget that Doug also has your long range forecast into next January down below. Have a good night and a great Thursday!


Long range forecast through late next January:


Next Week: A system develops right on top of us and mainly just east of us on Sunday. We will have several in this pattern that seem to get going just a hair east of the region. So showers chances on Sunday and Monday, turning much cooler as well. Mainly a cold to cool week with rain and snow chances on Thursday and Friday.

December 15th – 21st: Next storm system rolls in on Monday and Tuesday. This will give us rain chances with much colder temperatures for the rest of the week. Rain and snow chances return on Thursday.

December 22nd – 28th: Mainly a cold week with rain and snow chances on Sunday and Monday. Some light snow could linger into Christmas Eve. Another system with rain and snow chances on Friday and Saturday.

December 29th – January4th: Mainly another cold week. Just a slight chance for rain on Thursday and Saturday with weak fast moving waves.

January 5th – 11th: Rain, snow and ice chances to start the week. Then mainly cold again with rain and snow chances on Thursday. A fast wave over the weekend with a few rain or snow showers.

January 12th-18th: A cool start to the week with mild temperatures for the middle of the week. A weak mid-week wave with a few showers. Bigger system moves in by the weekend.



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