Late fire chief Jack “Allyn” Reding honored with special procession and funeral

Reding laid to rest at Belfast cemetery
Late fire chief Jack “Allyn” Reding honored with special procession and funeral
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“This is the last and final call for chief 7-1 Jack Allyn Reding.”

The last call for late Duenweg fire chief Jack “Allyn” Reding played during his funeral service on July 9th.

The service started at Life Point Pentecostal Church in Duenweg.. where friends, family and colleagues gathered to honor his life and memory.

Andy Nimmo was a close friend to Reding, and helped officate the funeral service.

Nimmo:”It was truly an amazing experience to know him and get to be his friend.”

Reding’s best friend of 44 years, Roger Hall, also spoke about the kind of man Reding was.

Hall:”Everybody loved him. I mean, I never heard anybody say a bad word and my wife and I were talking the other day, and in 44 years Allyn and I never had a cross word. We were always on the same brain wave all the time seams like. I’m definitely going to miss him.”

The department’s first fire engine was used to give Allyn one last ride through his home town, and passed his second home, before being taken to the Belfast Cemetery near Neosho.

Hall:”I was amazed at the crowd and the support for the family. It was just amazing. Allyn would have been proud.”

A gesture to honor a man who dedicated his life to giving back to the community.

Ron King, worked with Reding for 27 years:”Just the fact that he gave so much of his time and of himself to the community. And his whole family. I mean, it’s not just Allyn, it’s the whole family. For four generations they’ve been members of that fire department and they’ve built it into something that we’re pretty proud of.”

Hall:”He was a most giving man. Humble.. I don’t know how to say except he was a God send to me. Duenweg is definitely going to miss chief.”

Everyone that knew him agrees that Reding was a giving and humble man, father, husband and fire chief.

Reding served as the Duenweg Fire chief since 1998.

He was also a member of the Ozark Gateway Fire Chief’s Association, and the JASCO board.

He passed away on July 5th at 63 years old.

He leaves behind his wife, parents, his mother and father-in-law, two brothers, three children and seven grand-children.

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