Last minute shoppers take advantage of lower prices before Thanksgiving

Study shows meal in MO cheaper than other states
Last minute shoppers take advantage of lower prices before Thanksgiving
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“There are those people out there that like to prepare early and get a jump on the sales, and then there’s always those that are last-minute that want to come the day before Thanksgiving,” says Linda Sonaty with Food 4 Less.

Food 4 Less in Joplin was bustling with activity as many were rushing to get what they need for Thanksgiving meals.

“You always forget things right up till the very end, so hopefully this will be the last trip to the store today,” says shopper Stacie Watkins.

“Actually this is kind of our second trip. She had already gone and bought for one meal, and everything that we left off we’re picking up now,” explains shopper John Pryor.

Many were looking for things like pies, sweet potatoes and rolls.

But some were buying the main course like turkeys or hams.

“Well it [his ham] should have been bought at least a week ago, but here I am buying it at the last minute,” says shopper Bob Stines.

We don’t get as many requests for turkeys that last day, on Wednesday, but everything else to prepare the meal… the stuffing mix, the green beans for the casserole and all things like that,” explains Sonaty.

And according to the Missouri Farm Bureau, a lot of things for Thanksgiving are cheaper this year than they were last year… like Turkeys, cranberries, and stuffing.

In fact, a study the Bureau conducted shows the average price of a Thanksgiving meal for 10 plus leftovers in Missouri is around 46-dollars.

That’s compared to the 48-dollar national average.

“Everything’s pretty cheap this year. A little cheaper than it was last year seems like,” says shopper Marty Watkins.

“I think with the economy, things are a little better priced,” says Sonaty. “And of course, being Food for Less, we always try to find the best prices for everyone.”

So if you shopped a week in advance, or at the very last minute, you can find good prices on everything to make your meal great.

Another interesting fact… according to WalletHub, there’s more than 550-million dollars spent on Thanksgiving day nationwide… just on turkeys.


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