Large crowd marches for equality at the SEK Now annual Women’s March

Men, women and children of all ages participated
womens march

The SEK Women’s March is becoming a tradition for the Rausch family. Andrew Rausch wants his 9 year-old daughter, Josslyn, to grow up with a strong mindset.

“I always find the women’s protest to be the most important because I like my little girl to see that women do have a voice and that they should stand up even in the face of what society tells them is one way or the other.”

Together, they marched alongside other men, women and children of all ages.
Rausch hopes his daughter remembers this in the future as she makes her own decisions.

“People forget how important women are in the system and in making decisions for their bodies and for their futures and I really feel like it’s important for her to see that and realize she’s not just a cog in the machine, she can be an integral part of the machine, she can help have a real voice.”

The event is hosted by the Southeast Kansas Chapter of ‘Now’, the National Organization for Women to bring the community together.

“To be able to discuss what makes us similar, what we have in common and be able to have these discussions and be able to feel like you’re not alone” said SEK Co Coordinator, Ashley Caldwell-Wetzel.

The signs held during the march depicted different interests, different beliefs and different fights for equality.

“A lot of people are marching for better women’s healthcare, a lot of people are marching for LGBTQ rights you know and then it’s just a multitude of things really” added Caldwell-Wetzel.

The march is also in honor of the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment,  which gave women the right to vote.

And as they marched on, they rallied together as one.

“I hope people take away empowerment, I hope they take away a sense of belonging” said Caldwell-Wetzel.

For Rausch, he will be back again with his daughter by his side.

“Women have a place, not only in society but in government.”

The event also included a small rally with speakers, booths, and the annual wonder woman award which resulted in a donation to the ‘Q Space’ organization, a non-profit that supports the LGBTQ plus community.