Lamar’s Tucker aims to carry family tradition to state championship

Case Tucker is aiming to become the third brother to win a state championship his senior year.

LAMAR, Mo. – Football has always been a family affair for Lamar senior quarterback Case Tucker.

“Starting tackle football in third grade it’s kind of been prevalent throughout the years,” Tucker says of the game.

Tucker helped lead the Tigers to a district championship last Friday.

Now, he aims to finish his senior year with a state championship like his two brothers before him.

“I think Case has always had that instant pressure put on him. I know his older brothers definitely put that pressure on him,” says Lamar head coach Jared Beshore, “I think he just kind of shakes it off. I don’t think it bothers him one bit.”

Case’s oldest brother, JT, was a 3X All-State defensive player, and finished his career with a state title in 2013.

The middle brother, Tripp, did the same in 2014 as a quarterback, the same position Case now plays.

“Tripp’s the first one there when I have a good game,especially throwing the ball, and he’s the first one to help me out when I’m struggling a little bit,” Case says, “He still knows a lot about that too.”

“He’s very similar to Tripp,” Beshore says of his senior QB, “They were both physical runners and just physical football players.”

Coach Beshore played with both of Case’s brothers before moving on to play at Missouri State.

“There are a lot of similarities,” Beshore says of the three brothers, “Every day I get to see a little Tripp and a little bit of JT in Case and that’s kind of fun to see.”

Case gives his brothers credit for lighting his fire for football at a young age.

“I would come up and watch camp, and I would watch them out under the street lights at 9:30 PM,” Tucker says, “It was just fun to get to see what they got to do, and it created an excitement within me to do it when I grew up.”

Despite wanting to finish his high school career the same way, Case is taking his own path, and ignoring the pressure of making it three-for-three for the Tucker brothers.

“I try not to think about it, because to me…it’s just about coming out here with all our brothers and just having fun playing football,” Tucker adds.

“He’s great in his own right,” Beshore finishes, “Hopefully after this season we’ll be able to look back and talk about the special season he’s had.”

Lamar has won 13 consecutive district titles, and will face Mountain View-Liberty in the Class 2 state quarterfinals on Saturday.