Lamar man spreads positivity

LAMAR, Mo. – If you find yourself driving through Lamar, chances are you’ve seen this guy.Sign Guy

His name is Titus Herring, and he spends a lot of his free time out on 12th Street, sharing signs with positive messages like “Keep the Faith,” and “Stay Blessed.”

He says it’s a peaceful protest against division and hatred.

It started as a way to spread some smiles, but it has quickly grown to mean a lot more to the community.

“It’s been fantastic. The community has been a super positive outreach. I feel there’s lot’s of honking, lot’s of ‘We really appreciate what you’re doing.’ We even got a local deputy to hold a sign with me; he volunteered. It’s really awesome,” said Herring.

Herring says anyone is welcome to join him on his mission to spread good cheer and unity.

Just bring a sign with a positive message and a smile.