Lafayette House Plans Transitional Housing After Getting 30K Tornado Recovery Grant

Lafayette House Plans Transitional Housing After Getting 30K Tornado Recovery Grant
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The Joplin Regional Community Foundation gives its final grants from the Tornado Recovery Fund. Lafayette House will use its new monies to build a transitional living house.

Adrienne Jackson with the Joplin Regional Community foundation wrote a thirty thousand dollar ceremonial check today to the Lafayette House, a domestic violence shelter for women and children. They are tornado recovery dollars designed to help those groups impacted after the storm.

Alison Malinowski Sunday, the executive director at Lafayette House said, “Unfortunately six months after the tornado we saw a significant increase in sexual assault that was very much related to people being displaced. A woman who called us lost her home, her family lost their home and she was sleeping on a couch of a friend of a friend and was sexually assaulted.”

Don Gould, President of the Joplin Regional Community Foundation said, “The residency here (Lafayette House) increased so much, they have a strain on their budget and this will help their budget.”

President of the Lafayette House board Jenny Hocker said, “This donation will actually put us over the top in the funds we need to build a house.”

The rooms at the Lafayette house main location are for emergency temporary shelter. Women and children usually stay there about thirty days. The transitional living housing would offer them six months or more to get their lives in order to gain independence.”

Malinowski Sunday said, “Whether that’s getting legal issues cleared up, whatever it takes. Sometimes just getting employment and starting to gather funding, if you need to buy a car, pay past utility bills, that can take time.”

The thirty thousand given today will be combined with sixty thousand raised by JOMO adventures ride to Nashville last fall and another thirty thousand from the sale of some property unsuitable for building.

Lafayette House plans to construct a four bedroom home similar to those built by Habitat for Humanity and will have its help. Scott Clayton, executive director of Joplin Habitat for Humanity said, “We’re gonna provide our connections with builders. We have we’ve developed some great partnerships with companies that do incredible work. So just provide our connection with people we know and help them best to build a house similar to a habitat house.”

Allowing Lafayette house to offer more safe shelter for women and children as they rebuild their lives.

The Joplin Regional Community Foundation has grants for Crosslines Churches, Habitat for Humanity, Fuller Center for Housing, and the Children’s Center.

It also plans to create a type of foundation endowment to help with future community needs.