Labette County High School hosts its first girls wrestling camp

The camp attracted 70 girls from all over the state of Kansas and the surrounding areas.


ALTAMONT, Ks. – Labette County High School is providing a brand-new opportunity for girl wrestlers, through a two-day wrestling camp.

“Nobody’s ever really truly done this before in the state of Kansas,” says Labette head wrestling coach, Jason Storm. “I came up with this idea, started throwing it out to some coaches and started to get a lot of positive responses.”

The camp has attracted coaches and wrestlers from all over the area.

“Even coaches from Great Bend and Emporia are here,” Storm says. “Getting that support from those guys really helps grow this sport and it’s really going to help continue to get us better.”

About 70 girls came out to the camp on Friday and Saturday.

“It’s just a good feeling that girls are wanting to try something new and get into a sport that is just growing so much right now,” says Chanute wrestler, Reese Clements.

Storm invited Baker University wrestler and LCHS alum, Abbie Jones, to help coach.

“I reached out to Abby to see if she would be interested in coming in and doing some sort of camp,” Storm says. “Abby said, ‘Hey I got a couple of girls who are willing to come.’ They brought really great girls to come and work with these girls.”

Over the course of the two days, the girls had the opportunity to practice their technique and also wrestle in live matches.

“I think it’s a huge advance,” Storm says. “Any girl who is out here during the summer, putting in work during the summer, it’s just going to help make them be better. Being able to provide that opportunity to the girls is something really special to us.”

“It’s a big deal because there are so many girls that are here putting in the extra work to get better” Clements adds.

With a few minor tweaks, Storm hopes to be able to continue to offer the camp in the years to come.

“I think the girls really enjoy it,” Storm says. “Definitely I can see this becoming an annual thing.”

At the conclusion of the camp, the Baker University women named Isabel Renfro, from Seneca High School, most outstanding wrestler.