Labette Community College making changes to class schedules

PARSONS, Kan. – A college in southeast Kansas is making some changes to class schedules based on student feedback.

Labette Community College in Parsons has been offering classes in a pretty typical fashion over the years. But times are changing and so are student demands. So, Labette formed a special team that sent out a student survey and there was one thing that stood out. Bethany Kendrick with Labette Community College says “The students spoke and we listened and they said ‘Guess what? If we had a four day course schedule week, we would absolutely love it.”

One of those students was freshman Taylor Hudgins. She says there’s a number of benefits to having a shorter school week. “Because it’s able for me to tell my boss ‘hey, this Friday I can for sure work, so you can have your three day weekend’, and it also gives me the chance to leave Thursday nights to travel back home and give me more time with my family.”

Hudgins says having a three day weekend is about more than just extra free time. “I would get drained having classes every single day and I would drown in homework, trying to push it on Saturday, even Sunday night, because those are the days I would have when I don’t have to work.”

Kendrick says another benefit, is this opens up a day for students to meet with advisers, tutors, and faculty and have more time to get help they need to be successful in college. There’s one more change Kendrick says they’re making. “We are changing our class start times, our class star times use to vary, they were kind of all over, maybe start at five or ten after, now, we’re going to start classes at the top and half of every hour.”

Hudgins says that’s another big change she’s looking forward to. “I know definitely last semester I struggled with making it to my 7:55 class, my 8:35am class this year, I would always have to check my phone and be like ‘what time is my class?’, so it’s definitely able for me to remember, hey, I have a 10:00am class.'”

Kendrick says the summer semester is already four days a week and starting this fall, the full schedule changes will be implemented.