KOAM’s going on tour, stop by and say hi!

The KOAM “More Power” project is complete and it’s time to celebrate… with a tour!

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Starting August 11, 2022, the KOAM crew will be stopping in 6 local cities to broadcast live. Each Thursday during the tour, tune in to KOAM News at Noon (on location weather), 5 and 6 (on location full newscasts). Here are our stops:

  • Aug 11 – Miami – Ottawa County Fair, Fairgrounds Arena
  • Aug 18 – Coffeyville – Downtown Plaza in front of the Historic Perkins Building
  • Aug 25 – Neosho – Big Spring City Park
  • Sept 1 – Pittsburg – Evergy Courtyard at Block22, between the Opera House Hotel and the National Bank Building, facing Broadway
  • Sep 8 – Parsons – Main Street pocket park
  • Sept 15 – Joplin – Third Thursday


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While we’re in that town, stop by to see us!

More Power To You Tour Sweepstakes

Download the KOAM News Now app and show it to us along our tour, scan the code we give you, and enter your email in the box above to get started for your chance to win a Roku and be in the drawing for Kansas City Chiefs tickets.

About the Cities In the Tour

MIAMI, Okla. (MiamiNation.com) (MiamiOkla.net)

  • Miami is the capital of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, after which it is named; the Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma, Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma, Peoria Tribe of Indians, and Shawnee Tribe.
  • The discovery of rich deposits of lead and zinc under Quapaw land a few miles north caused Miami to boom. In 1907, at the time of statehood, its population was 1,893. As mining increased and more mills were built, the population more than tripled to 6,802 by 1920.

COFFEYVILLE, Kan. (Coffeyville.com)

  • Phillip W. Ehart, drummer in the rock band Kansas, was born in Coffeyville.
  • Early on the evening of September 3, 1970, the heaviest hailstone on record fell in Coffeyville. The hailstone measured 17.5 inches in circumference, weighed 1.67 pounds and scientists estimated that it struck the ground at the speed of 105 MPH. The stone was sent to the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, and a replica is on display at the Dalton Defenders Museum. The record stood fore more than 30 years.

NEOSHO, Mo. (NeoshoCC.com)

  • Founded in 1839, its name, of Osage derivation, means “clear and abundant water,” probably referring to the nine flowing springs (the largest of which is at Big Spring State Park) within the city limits.
  • The Neosho National Fish Hatchery is the oldest federal fish hatchery in operation today. It is one of 69 fish hatcheries operated by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. It was established in 1888.

PITTSBURG, Kan. (PittKS.org)

  • February 11, 1898, the City of Pittsburg instituted its first organized fire department with expenditures of $735.00. That amount funded four firefighters, one hook and ladder wagon, two horses, and the outfitting and remodeling of the City’s hose house.
  • Six years after Kansas became a state, “New Pittsburgh” was founded in 1876 from what was then the settlement of Hopefield. During 1880, “Pittsburgh” was incorporated as a third class city under the leadership of Mayor M. M. Snow. City marshals, who were appointed for the period of one year, were: Fred B. Southerland, 1880-1881; Alfred Shirley, 1881-1882; and Michael Dryden, 1882-1883. It was not until March, 1894, that the city‟s name was changed from “Pittsburgh” to today‟s name, Pittsburg.

PARSONS, Kan.  (Parsons Kansas Online)

  • Parsons Kansas was named after Judge Levi Parsons, promoter and president of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad, also called the KATY.
  • Shaun Hill Quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings was born on January 9, 1980, in Parsons, KS.  He has also played for the San Francisco 49’ers, Detroit Lions, and St. Louis Rams.

JOPLIN, Mo.  (JoplinMO.org)

  • Although often believed to have been named for the ragtime composer Scott Joplin, who lived in Sedalia, Missouri, Joplin is named for Reverend Harris Joplin, an early settler and the founder of the area’s first Methodist congregation.
  • The city gained travelers as Route 66 passed through it; “Joplin, Missouri” is among the lyrics to Bobby Troup’s legendary song, immortalizing the city among others on the famous highway.