KOAM’s 500-foot tower starts coming down – April 4

Scheduled work is tentative

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Kan. – Plans were a little delayed. But, there’s a new tentative plan for crews to start bringing down sections of KOAM’s 500-foot tower this weekend. Today!

Again, schedules are tentative. Not only on weather like rain but also wind. It’s a bit different 500 feet up.

KOAM’s 500-foot tower dates back to 1953 – when KOAM signed on. During construction, folks from the area lined their cars up along Highway 69 to watch. Of course, there were some pretty incredible sights, including crew members hanging on while being lifted to the top. You can check out the video, which includes footage filmed in color that’s never been released before here.

Tower crews put a lot of work into building the 4-state area’s first television tower. It carried the signal for KOAM until 1961 when the 1,000-foot tower was built. It then stood as a standby antenna until 2003 when FOX14 fired up.

KOAM has not used the 500-foot tower in a while. On May 8, 2009, an “Inland Hurricane” or “Super Derecho” damaged the tower, taking it out of service.

However, the tower has been attracting lightning during thunderstorms and ice during the winter. Often, when the ice starts melting, it falls directly on the KOAM building below. So, for safety reasons, it’s coming down.

Crews have been preparing the site and are ready to start bringing the tower down section by section.

(KOAM More Power Livestream below sponsored by RE Smith Construction Company – click the upper left menu of the Livestream to zoom, play a time-lapse or check out the current weather)

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