KOAM ToyBox helps struggling Allen County family

IOLA, Kan. – Shannon Poore’s history with the KOAM ToyBox goes way back.

“My parents done it when I was younger and I’ve been doing it since I’ve had kids,” explained Poore.128899861 372148310561785 1933644633649258065 N

Shannon has three kids, two little boys ages 6 and 10, and a little girl who will turn five in April. She admits Christmas can be a challenge.

“As a single mom with very little income, it is very hard, but I try to do my best to get my kids what they want,” said Poore.128686195 418974616178628 1859520913698691367 N

That’s where the KOAM ToyBox comes into play, partnering with distributors like the Iola First Baptist Church and police department. Shannon says the outpouring of love and support from the community is heartwarming.128446745 180639070375603 8264265142578724555 N

“When I got the call that they adopted my kids, I was excited that our local police department done it, but it also brought tears to my eyes knowing that someone that we knew, and the people that help us, adopted my kids,” said Poore.

Shannon says she’s grateful for the help she gets putting presents under the tree for her three little ones. So many families depend on your donations.

“If it wasn’t for them, then a lot of us wouldn’t even have a Christmas for our kids,” admitted Poore.