KOAM Sky Adventures visits Prairie State Park

MINDENMINES, Mo. – Our next stop on the KOAM Sky Adventures tour takes us to Prairie State Park in Barton County.

Prairie State Park has almost 4000 acres of tall grass prairie and officials say 80% or more is verdant land that has yet to be plowed.

“Historically, a third of Missouri was tallgrass prairie. Now there’s less than half of 1%, which is what makes this park so important. They can see Prairie as it once was,” said naturalist Dana Hoisington. “Vast landscapes rolling, terrain rolling hills. And it’s actually that rolling hills that kind of saved it as far as why we still have it. Little to rolling to plow a little too rocky to plow. So that kind of was a good saving grace in our case to preserve this prairie. And, you know, there’s a herd of wild bison out here that they roam on about 3000 of the acres.”

The park also features the Regal Tallgrass Prairie Nature Center which offers exhibits and programs to provide more information.

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