KOAM News to Know (9/15/21)

The news you need to know before you head out the door

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A major U.S. pharmacy says customers who registered for covid-19 tests may have had their data exposed. Reports say Walgreens exposed the information of its customers on its website through its test registration system. Experts say a link to the confirmed test reservation gives access to private information with no log in required. This includes access to birthdays, phone numbers, addresses, and emails.

JOPLIN, Mo. – The U.S. Census Bureau announces new income and poverty data for the U.S. and it shows the poverty level increased one percent nationally. Here in the 4-states, officials with economic security say they’ve seen a 26 percent increase in clients since 2019, partly due to the pandemic. Crosslines ministries says it has seen peaks and valleys, but is beginning to see a steady increase in those seeking assistance. Census Bureau releases new income and poverty data

JOPLIN, Mo. – Missouri Southern receives a grant to learn more about food insecurity among students. The Fahs-Beck Foundation Grant gives the university $25,000 to fund research into food insecurity in Missouri college students. It’ll also look at students’ access to and knowledge of the SNAP program.

ORONOGO, Mo. – There is a lawn invasion underway in the 4-states. Army worms are spreading across the area, rapidly eating large amounts of grass. Army worms are actually caterpillars that reproduce in large quantities and spread over a field like an army. They feed primarily on Bermuda-grass, Rye-grass, Fescue, Blue-grass and some crops. Experts say army worms can destroy areas as large as a football field in two to three days. There are some insecticides you can use to protect your lawn. Armyworms: Scouting and control tips

SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT: Apple unveiled its new iPhone 13 yesterday. The 5G phone features a faster processor and longer battery life. It also has an updated camera that records video in cinematic mode. Do you plan to get your hands on the new iPhone 13 when it becomes available September 24th? Join our KOAM InstaPoll @ koamnewsnow.com/vote.