KOAM News to Know 8-30

Allen County, Mo – Allen County has approved their budget, but one department has some concerns. The budget includes an increase for several departments such as the County Clerk and County Attorney, but it also features cuts to the County Dispatch Center. The Dispatch Center will see a nearly $5,000 cut from its 2019 budget. The sheriff says the center will still try to give raises, something the commission wants them to do, but he believes it will be a difficult task.

Independence, Ks – A group of veterans headquartered at the VFW in Independence, Kansas are on a mission to help local veterans get registered with the VA. Not only are they helping veterans get their benefits, they’re also helping with transportation and other veteran medical needs. These veterans say they know from experience how difficult navigating the VA can be. They also know a lot of their fellow veterans give up on enrolling or aren’t aware that benefits are available to them.

Oklahoma City, Ok – Thousands of signatures rolled into the Secretary of State’s office in an attempt to block the law that will allow Oklahoman’s to Open Carry a firearm without training or a background check. Democratic state congressman Jason Lowe led the effort to stop the law. A petition gather more than 50,000 signitures ahead of the August 29th deadline.

Joplin, Mo – While the Summer rain may be good for the mowing business, it also brings along some challenges. Mowers say lawns are growing faster than usual. They’re also growing later into the fall. Usually by late August, grasses are dryer, but the wet grass creates a problem with clumping when you mow it. The grass is also thicker, making it harder to mow. Mowers say some customers have switched from mowing every two weeks to once a week or every few days.