KOAM News to Know 11-7

Baxter Springs, Ks – An election candidate ended up running for a position he couldn’t fill after an error at the County Clerks Office. William Nott ran for City Council in Baxter Springs. He was on the ballot for ward three but was actually supposed to run in ward four. Cherokee County Clerk Rodney Edmonson says the error happened at the Clerks’s office because he’s responsible for verifying that candidates file in the right place.

Bartlesville, Ok – Several people from a Bartlesville group home were taken to the hospital yesterday evening after being administered the wrong medicine. Patients at the ARC Group Home in Bartlesville came in for what they thought was their annual flu shot. According to police, they were instead given Insulin. Eight people and two staff members had to be taken to the hospital to be treated for symptoms of low blood sugar. It’s unclear how the medicine got mixed up.

Barton County, Ks – A rundown abandoned hospital in Barton County is being torn down to make room for a new memorial. Barton COunty Memorial Hospital was built in 1948 and was dedicated to the 69 Barton County men who died in World War II. But is hasn’t been used since 2007. Now, it’s being destroyed an d anew Veterans Memorial will be built in its place. Plans are to build a World War II Memorial at first, but that could be expanded to include all veterans in the future.

Joplin, Mo – Firefighters face all kinds of hazards on the job. Many are obvious to the public but some are not. Firefighters have a 9% chance of being diagnosed with cancer and a 14% higher risk of dying from cancer than the general population. That’s according to the Firefighter Cancer Support Network. In Joplin, the department’s screenings have caught two cancer cases in recent years.