KOAM News to Know 10-8

Kansas City, Ks – Kansas City police say the suspected shooter at a popular tequila bar were spurred on by an argument they had earlier in the night. 29-year-old Hugo Villanueva Moreales and 23-year-old Javier Alatorre are suspected of shooting nine people at Tequila KC Bar. Four of those victims died. Morales is still on the loose. Police say the men had an argument with people inside the bar on Saturday; They left and later came back a couple of hours later with handguns.

Joplin, Mo – Joplin police use video evidence to catch three armed robbery suspects. The video evidence was recorded by the suspects. While police were investigating the crime, they say they uncovered a video of the robbery on Snapchat. Police say it was put on social media by the suspects Trevin Dicks, Cayden Garvin, and Ryan Canterbury from Joplin. The three are charged with First Degree Armed Robbery, First Degree Kidnapping, and Armed Criminal Action.

Kansas – Kansas residents pay more for out of state online purchases as of this month. Out-of-state on-line purchases from retailers now face a six-point-five percent sales tax on top of the local sales tax. The Kansas Attorney General says the State Department of Revenue does not have the legal authority to raise taxes on Kansas shoppers. The Kansas Department of Revenue estimates the state will regain an additional $20,000,000 to $40,000,000 dollars a year.

Joplin, Mo – The Joplin City Council votes on whether they should move forward with their $1,000,000 sewer renovations plan. Four emergency ordinances involve some sanitary projects on the city’s south side. The sanitary sewer projects for the cities south side focuses on the tin cup station and a forced main parallel that runs along shoal creek. The shoal creek line serves to direct around a third of the cities watershed. The total for all four projects, two of which are in the construction phase while the other two are in the design phase, is about $1.2 million dollars.