Keeping quiet, nice and mild for Sunday – Nick

Keeping an eye on a few systems for the coming week

Good Saturday evening, everyone. After dealing with quite a few storm systems this week, it was nice of Mother Nature to give us clearing skies on our Friday and a beautiful Saturday to enjoy. The last cold front that came through certainly lived up to its name, though. After seeing early morning highs in the middle 60s on Friday, the afternoon saw temperatures bounce between the upper 50s and lower 60s. With dry air and clear skies to start the day out, we had lows drop into the upper 30s across much of the area. While the official low at Joplin Regional clocked 38° this morning, it wasn’t close to breaking the old record of 31° set back in 1966. Fortunately, we saw temperatures waste not time warming back into the middle to upper 60s this afternoon.


The big reason why we started out so cold and turned mild so quickly throughout the day lies on the surface map below. Behind the last cold front, an area of high pressure has been in control since we started Friday evening out. With that keeping dry air, clear skies and a light breeze in place, that meant quite a cold start this morning. With the high still around and keeping those same conditions in place throughout the day, that allowed us to go into the middle to upper 60s today. While that area of high pressure will keep us quiet to wrap up the weekend, I am keeping an eye on our next front to our northwest. It doesn’t look impressive as of this evening and it certainly has quite a bit of real estate to cross before it gets here.


Once we get a potent upper-level low to work out of the Gulf of Alaska and work into the Lower 48 early next week, that will encourage to push our next front our way. Until then, we found ourselves just on the cooler side of the jet for today. While we keep quiet for Sunday, the jet will hop back to our northeast as we wrap up our weekend.


With a light south breeze kicking in later tonight and the jet shifting once again, we shouldn’t see temperatures turn as cold as it was this morning. However, we will have quite a cool start to our Sunday with lows in the lower to middle 40s under clear skies.


While our light breeze at 5-10 mph may shift between the south and southwest throughout the rest of our Sunday, we’ll keep dry under sunny skies all day long. This setup should also encourage temperatures to start a little warming trend. Sunday afternoon will start out with temperatures in the middle 60s by the noon hour before we send highs back near 73° in Joplin and lower to middle 70s elsewhere.


Heading into the new work/school week, we’ll still find ourselves on the warmer side of the jet with mostly sunny skies for Monday and partly sunny skies for Tuesday. As for temperatures, we’ll have highs topping out in the middle 70s for both days. Monday will start cool in the upper 40s while Tuesday morning’s lows will drop back into the middle 50s.


Once we get into our Wednesday, that’s when our next system will roll on in. You can see on the Future Track below that while the next upper-level low will pass to our north and northwest, it will still push the cold front through the region. With that bringing in mostly cloudy skies and chances for scattered rain and t-storms, we’ll only have temperatures start in the upper 50s for Wednesday morning and afternoon highs only climbing into the lower 70s.


Behind our next front, the jet stream will sink back to our south to allow for another drop back into mild territory. Under partly sunny skies, we’ll have lows start out in the upper 40s before we head back into the middle 60s for our Thursday.


While we start the upcoming weekend out on a quiet note with highs in the upper 60s, we’ll watch for another wave to try to pay us a visit by next Saturday. It doesn’t look impressive, but it may be strong enough to bring mostly cloudy skies and scattered rain chances back in here by then. This setup could mean highs topping out in the middle 60s for next Saturday.


Doug has you covered with his long range forecast down below. Have a good night and a great Sunday!



October 24th-30th:  A mild start with rain chances on Monday.  Cooler temperatures for the middle of the week.  Additional rain chances on Thursday and Friday with cool temperatures continuing into the weekend.

October 31st-November 6th: Halloween looks good for now with mild temperatures.  Mild temperatures most of the week with rain chances on toward the weekend.

November 7th-13th:  Mainly mild but rain chances most of the week.  Monday and Tuesday, then again Thursday through Saturday.