KDOT works to repair landslide damage on K-105

A huge highway hole like the one obstructing K-105 in Woodson County, Kansas requires some heavy machinery to repair, and that’s what KDOT had out in full force on Wednesday.

“We’re trying to get it done as quick as possible because nobody likes to have any delays in their routine, and there’s not really a good spot to get around this spot since it’s closed,” said KDOT Regional Geologist Denny Martin.

Part of K-105 has been completely shut down as crews repair the damaged area caused by a landslide. The slide area is 175 feet long and runs 80 feet west of the K-105 center line.

Martin blames the ground movement on nearby sandstone beds which produce a lot of water, as well as recent wet weather.

“The water coming out of that formation kind of softened this upgrade, and with all the increased rain and dust flow about, it just made it slide away,” said Martin.

But what will prevent a slide like this from happening again in the future? Martin says the new material KDOT is packing under the freeway is much stronger.

“We had some old concrete that they’re using to fill back in. Hopefully they can line that with some black fabric we have around here, and it will allow the water to actually pass through it and not degrade it any,” said Martin.

KDOT hopes to have K-105 open fully by early to mid-December, weather permitting.

On Friday, KDOT posted an update on Facebook saying they were opening a section of K-105 to one-lane traffic, controlled by signals, nights and weekends only. KDOT says weekday traffic should still use alternate routes between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM.