KDOT seeks employees ahead of rough winter months

KDOT seeks employees ahead of rough winter months
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TOPEKA, Kan. – With winter approaching, KDOT says a shortage of workers may affect its ability to clear snow and ice from highways in a timely manner.

In many areas, KDOT says they lack snowplow operators.

The agency says it is about 24% short of the personnel needed to be fully staffed in offices across the state.

“We want motorists to know ahead of time – it’s not a matter of if the highways will be cleared this winter, but when,” said Transportation Secretary Julie Lorenz. “KDOT crews will be proactive by shifting crews and pretreating surfaces whenever possible but having fewer employees could cause delays in removing snow and ice from all the affected roadways.”

To better prepare themselves, employees are participating in regional meetings with several days of hands-on snowfighter training exercises

KDOT says to check here for highway conditions, short-term closures and general traffic alerts as the weather gets more intense in winter months.

“Our maintenance crews always do their best to serve the public as they work 12-hour shifts in their efforts to clear the highways,” said Secretary Lorenz. “But motorists can help by checking on road conditions and weather forecasts in advance and possibly delaying travel plans. It’s important to plan ahead, stay informed and travel safe.”