KCU-Joplin welcomes Class of 2023

KCU-Joplin welcomes Class of 2023
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A large group of medical students begin their journey at Kansas City University’s Joplin campus.

Accepted students for the Class of 2023 learned more about their new school and chosen degree program.

Family members were also welcome to tour the facility and meet the faculty and staff their children will be working with for the next few years.

KCU officials say Acceptance Day provides an opportunity for new students to connect to the university.

“We are hoping that they really solidify that their choice is correct, that they are excited to come here to Joplin, that they are excited to show their families where they’re going to be for the next couple of years, and really excited to start their medical education,” said Meghan Denny with KCU-Joplin.

75 students attended the ceremony at KCU Joplin, the only medical school in the southwest region.