Kansas Sheriff faces charges for interference and intimidation

Kansas Sheriff faces charges for interference and intimidation

A southeast Kansas sheriff is accused of interfering with a case.

The Prosecutor’s Office has filed charges against Montgomery County Sheriff Robert Dierks for allegedly trying to interfere with the investigation of a person in 2018.

The charges are interference with a law enforcement officer by attempting to conceal, alter or destroy evidence and intimidation of a witness by preventing testimony.

Special prosecutor J. Todd Hiatt, a Shawnee County prosecutor, was appointed by Montgomery County attorney Larry Markle to investigate the case against Dierks. A court hearing is scheduled for March 6th, 2019.

The Sheriff’s Office tells KOAM/FOX14 that Sheriff Dierks is unavailable for comment.

The Montgomery County Chronicle has received a copy of the summons that was issued on Friday against Dierks. The Kansas Bureau of Investigation led the investigation, according to the Montgomery County Chronicle.

Hiatt alleges that Dierks, on Jan. 27, 2018, attempted to obstruct a Deputy from investigating or arresting an individual involved in a misdemeanor matter. Hiatt also alleges that Dierks intended to persuade a sheriff’s office employee from attending or giving testimony at an administrative hearing.

According to the Montgomery County Chronicle, Dierks sent an email to his department about the charges and told deputies and staff to be honest and cooperative.