Kansas no-call list will include cell phones if signed by governor

The Kansas no-call list could be expanded to include cell phones, which some hope would put an end to unwanted callers.
The bill passed the House and Senate unanimously and now goes to the governor for approval.
For many, receiving solicitation calls on a home phone is a thing of the past.
“We don’t even own a house phone, we haven’t had one for about 7 or 8 years,” said Patrick Bales, Pittsburg resident. “We just use our cell phones.”
“The home phone is kind of becoming obsolete,” said Aaron Burns, Pittsburg resident.
But the solicitation hasn’t stopped. Some say it is even worse on a mobile device.
“Your cell phone is personal,” said Mary Cash, Pittsburg resident.
“The biggest thing we see everyday is people come in and ask whose this phone number is,” said Beth Conwell, store manager for US Cellular in Pittsburg.
Conwell says even just answering an unknown number can cost you.
“I have three different numbers that keep calling me and when I answer, it’s just a long pause,” she said. “I tried to call that number back and just saw on my cell phone bill the other day that I had a $5.00 charge from one phone call.”
Caller claims range from missed loan payments to free cruises.
“They have offers of this or that, some kind of something they’re going to sell, or they’re going to send us on a wonderful trip,” Cash said.
Those offers are sometimes also sent via text messages.
“Don’t respond to them,” Conwell said. “Anytime you get a text that says to sign up for some text messaging service, don’t do it. Because it will hit your cell phone bill and it’s really hard to fight those charges.”
Social media also provides easy access for callers.
“Facebook is a really big one,” Conwell said. “If you put your number on Facebook, it’s just out there for the world to get.”
The no-call act would allow stricter enforcement against those who target mobile numbers registered on the federal do-not-call list.
“I think that’s great because it kind of gives back the privacy of owning a personal cell phone,” Burns said. “When other people are getting your number and you don’t know where they’re getting it from, it’s kind of scary.”
Many hope the act would put an end to just that.
Cellular providers recommend that you do not answer any calls from an unknown number and pay close attention to your cell phone bills for any extra charges.
If you would like to register your mobile device on the do-not-call list, you can visit www.inyourcornerkansas.org.