Kansas, Missouri rank high in states that spend the most fireworks per capita

Full report: “Exploding into Independence Day: States that use the most fireworks” – a Zippia study

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Missouri and Kansas rank in the top three states that use the most fireworks per capita, according to a recent study by Zippia. “While Missouri uses the most fireworks, it’s safe to say it’s not the only state that loves shooting off some big boomers,” states the article.

Last year alone, the U.S. spent roughly $319 million to import fireworks.

Here are the top 10 states in the study:

  1. Missouri
    • Missouri comes in with a bang as the state that shoots off the most fireworks in the U.S. The state imports more than 42 million fireworks each, which means there is enough fireworks for each person to shoot off roughly 7. For a state that is anything but lenient on what and when you can shoot off fireworks, that is sure a lot of boom powder.
  2. Nebraska
  3. Kansas
    • While the state imports over 12 million fireworks each year, it’s only enough to supply each resident with a little over 4 fireworks. Feels like kind of a missed opportunity.
  4. Alabama
  5. South Carolina
  6. Wyoming
  7. Nevada
  8. North Dakota
  9. Indiana
  10. Ohio

So there you have it. The 10 states that put up the most explosions in the sky for that special holiday. If your state isn’t on there, you better hurry up and stock up on some fireworks. Keep reading to figure out where your state stands (or explodes).

How Zippia determined what states use the most fireworks

“The dollar amount of firework imports came from the US trade Census. Of course, more people often equals more fireworks (and firework injuries!), and we didn’t want a list of the largest states. So to determine that states with disproportionately high amounts of fireworks (and thus the most firework economic activity) we used population numbers from the US Census. From there, we determined the states with most firework spending per capita.

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