Kansas man clears record of felonies that were not his after a decade

CHANUTE, Kan. – After a mishap between the Fredonia Police Department and the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office– Shane Thompson’s record was tarnished after several felonies were mistakenly put on it, and over a decade later he’s still fighting to clear his name.

“I’ve had to force them to write such a horrible wrong, and I don’t feel like anything can be done at this point to bring back what I lost, the reputation, the time”, said Thompson.

With the felonies on his record, he’s faced many troubles such as traveling, employment, and most recently health assistance.

“I have chronic health conditions now. I have a liver condition that I’m fighting autoimmune disease, and I’m trying to get disability SSI. Well, I’m in a predicament having a felony on your record can actually prevent you from getting a Social Security disability”, said Thompson.

To clear his name and record, he needed the Fredonia Police Department to submit to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation that there was a mistake made on their end.

KOAM’ Jaylon Banks reached out to the Fredonia Police Department and they declined to do an interview– but provided this statement:

Shane 4

As of today Thompson’s record has been cleared of all the wrongful felony charges and gets the fresh start he needed– and most importantly deserves.

“I’m so happy to finally. I’m almost speechless to get it off there. It’s like being born again and having a new life. I feel like a totally different person”, said Thompson.