Kansas legislators add cut in tax on food to income tax bill

Supporters hope change will discourage a veto
Kansas legislators add cut in tax on food to income tax bill

Republican lawmakers in Kansas have wedded a popular proposal to cut taxes on groceries to a GOP income tax relief bill in hopes of winning over skeptical colleagues and making Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly think harder about vetoing it.

But supporters acknowledged Monday that they aren’t sure how Kelly will respond.

The House Taxation Committee endorsed the measure on a voice vote Monday, sending it to the full chamber for debate.

The GOP-controlled Senate passed the bill earlier this month as a measure designed only to keep individuals and businesses from paying more state income taxes because of federal income tax changes in 2017.

Kelly called the Senate version irresponsible. The House committee’s version also would lower the sales tax on groceries to 5.5 percent from 6.5 percent in October.

The cut in the sales tax on groceries would save consumers about $44 million during the state’s next budget year, but the committee also added a provision to help Kansas collect more sales taxes on internet sales.