Kansas Labor report reflect positive trends in Pittsburg economy

A new report reflects positively for the Pittsburg economy.
“Employed residents in Pittsburg and Crawford County have increased by nearly 1,400 in the last 3 years alone,” said President of Pittsburg’s Chamber of Commerce Blake Benson.
A surge the chamber is happy to see. In 2012 according to the report the city’s unemployment rate was at 6.8% a rate that since has fallen to 6.4%.
“It’s a diversified growth and well-rounded growth it comes from our professional sector also in our manufacturing sector,” said Benson.
“In the last year we added 40 positions in Atkinson Industries a lot of those professional but also production,” said Human Resource Manager of Atkinson Industries Gary Mattson.
The company has almost completed a $1.2 million renovation, that will added 30 new office spaces and 3 conference rooms.
“In fact this week I have 3 new people starting.”
Atkinson Industries builds medical enclosures that house power distribution centers.
“We worked closely with Kansas Works locally to assist us and receiving grants. The state of Kansas has also been very willing to work with us to find and identify employees,” said Mattson.
Benson says, “The credit goes to our local businesses that are hiring and in a growth mode, but I think it also helps that we have a pro-business climate here in Pittsburg. We have city commission that is really focuses on growing business and assisting those businesses.”
According to the same report, the numbers put Pittsburg growth rate ahead of the states.

For a link to the full report click here.