Kansas educators mull guidelines for how schools should reopen this fall

TOPEKA, Kan – Kansas educators are putting together guidelines for how schools should reopen this fall.

The guidance the Kansas Department of Education puts out will impact but not dictate step-by-step how schools operate when they reopen.

Kansas Commissioner of Education Dr. Randy Watson says he is confident districts will use the recommendations to create the right policies for their schools.

“We want Kansans to know that we will have school in the fall, and that we are prepared to do everything within our power to keep staff, students and families safe,” Watson said. “This is a huge lift for our state. We have assembled the best minds in Kansas to address any scenario our education system might encounter as a result of this pandemic. Our Continuous Learning Task Force laid the groundwork earlier this spring when school buildings were forced to close. Now, we’re building from that work and the lessons we’ve learned to create an even more comprehensive resource to help guide schools this fall.”

Missouri put out its recommendations a few weeks ago. Its 110-page plan says schools should update the building cleaning schedule. School nurses should have PPE and give health reports to the county and state.

Academically, teachers may be asked to give progress reports for topics missed during distance learning.

Districts should review finances to see if it needs to return to distance learning, it can provide the technology to do so.

Kansas will release its plan sometime in July.