Kansas Corn equips farmers with the best agricultural practices

PARSONS, Kan. – Kansas Corn partnered with K-State Research and Extension to offer winter agricultural sessions today.

Kansas Corn showcases what is new in regards to public policy and research in the agricultural field.

The event will cover the following topics:

  • weed control
  • insect resistance
  • fertility management
  • disease management
  • late-planting seasons
  • economics
  • farm policy

“We continue to raise a significant amount of corn.  One of the biggest things we focus on, especially from a Kansas corn site, is market development.” Says John Roe, Vice President of Market Development and Policy at Kansas Corn Commission. “We look at the next use for corn and what’s next for the market.”

Roe believes that using corn for BIOfuel in aviation may be one of the next big steps for the crop.