Kaleidoscope Academy & Clinic in Joplin has closed due to COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic played a big role in the closure of the clinic portion.

JOPLIN, Mo. – The Kaleidoscope Academy and Clinic was originally brought to Joplin as a place where kids with differing abilities could receive education and therapy work all under one roof.

However it shut down early.

“As a school we could not provide clinical services during the day and bill for those in the same building as the academy, so myself ill always do things by the law, and the right way, so that’s why we had to shut down the academy” said President of Kaleidoscope Academy and Clinic, Kurtis Howey.

Kaleidoscope held summer school sessions but was only open for a month in August.

“We ended up delaying the start and once we started as you can imagine with changes in jobs and schools and one day being shut down, one day being quarantined, and so forth it was very difficult to manage as with any business” added Howey.

The COVID-19 pandemic played a big role in the closure of the clinic portion.

“We did manage very well I feel like through it, but financially that’s what got me stretched out.”

For Bethany Jeffries, her son River who is diagnosed with Autism, benefited greatly from the services.

“Whenever River first started he was nonverbal, I mean he would say very few words and in the two months that he was here full time he was saying 100 words and I felt for the very first time that I could communicate with my son.”

The closure is devastating for her family.

“My heart was broken because River doesn’t full understand it and I can’t get him to fully understand it.”

And although there are other facilities in the area, many families are on waitlists, including Bethany.

“The diagnosis was the easy part, finding a place around here to get the child help…that’s the hard part.”

For Howey, he has done all he can for the facility. Parents, students, staff and those on their waitlist were notified of the closure.

“We have some awesome staff members who we had running Kaleidoscope Clinic to provide these services so my hope is the community rallies around them and helps them and supports them so they can continue these services.”

Donations of school supplies and equipment were returned. If you made donations that you have not received back you can contact kkids@usa.com.