Judge affirms citizens right to record law enforcement officers

SENECA, Mo. – A Federal Judge recently affirmed citizens the right to record video of law enforcement personnel in legal situations.

The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of allowing Americans the right to record law enforcement officers while they do their job in the field.

This comes as a response to a 2019 case where a YouTube blogger claimed a Denver Police Officer kept him from recording a traffic stop procedure.

“To me, a lot of those interactions were an officer is either blocking that or they make an arrest like that,” said Crawford County Sheriff Danny Smith. “A lot of times to me, that’s the officer, not being educated on or trained on how to handle that situation. So, you know, the officers, if they’re trained properly, they know it’s OK to record.”

Though the first-amendment allows people this freedom, it does have its limitations. Citizens are generally allowed to record on public property, so as long as they do not trespass, video recordings are legal.

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