Joplin’s Lego camp won’t be stopped by COVID-19

Legos At Joplin Lego Camp

COVID-19 has cancelled a lot of upcoming events, but Joplin Parks and Recreation is confident they can safely conduct their annual summer Lego camp.

The parks department has moved this year’s Lego camp to the Silver Lake Community Center because it will allow Lego campers and staff to have more space for social distancing.

Camp staff will use gloves, masks, and disinfectant, and they’ll take precautions with the Legos themselves.

“We give each child their own Lego set, so they don’t share Legos. They build their own. It’s a brand new item that we bought in March, so everything’s sanitized and they don’t play with other Legos that other kids are playing with,” said Joplin Parks and Recreation Director Paul Bloomberg.

Lego camp starts on June 22nd, and Joplin Parks and Recreation is currently taking reservations.

That’s not the case for all area cities, however. The city of Pittsburg recently announced that Camp Now & Then, tennis camp, and the Mike Watt Baseball Camp are cancelled for the summer.