Joplin’s House Of Bounce Is Bigger, Better, And Bouncier Than Before

Joplin’s House Of Bounce Is Bigger, Better, And Bouncier Than Before
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Joplin’s “House of Bounce” was burned down back in June, police determined arson was to blame. Seven and a half months later, the business re-opened in time to bounce for President’s Day, but owners are left wondering why no one has been charged.

“It was heart breaking, to know you did that on purpose,” said House Of Bounce Owner Shayla Moore.

Moore’s business was destroyed back on June 26th. She was nine months pregnant at the time, and her and her husband Jeff were awoken in the middle of the night to hear the business they had just purchased months before was going up in flames. Moore said it was definitely tough.
“Something we’d worked so hard on the last several months, something we wanted to build up for our family and it was ruined,” Moore said.
But thanks to insurance and a determination to bounce again, they did. Rebuilt and opened just in time for President’s Day, but one piece still left unfinished is accountability, according to Moore. What was originally ruled an accident, changed when someone allegedly confessed to setting the building on fire as a decoy while the Stone’s Corner Pharmacy was robbed down the street. Yet seven and half months later, no charges have been filed.
“Because the initial report, didn’t read the way it needed to even when they updated it, the Prosecutor is currently the way it reads unable to file charges and know that he could get an actual conviction,” Moore said.

Unfortunately due to the Holiday, we were unable to get in contact with the Prosecutor or Fire Marshal for comment. Carl Junction Fire Chief Bill Dunn was in charge of the fire originally. Dunn confirms that someone did confess to the crime.
“He told them how he did it, he got in the fence back there and broke the window out and poured just a little gasoline in it, not too much that would be detectable, and set the thing on fire,” Dunn said.
And despite no charges being filed yet against those responsible, Moore says her closure comes from a business bigger, better and bouncier than before.

“Definitely wasn’t our plan to have it catch fire, or be set on fire, but we’re going to focus on continuing to build back up, and just because we’re rebuilt, doesn’t mean we’re done building, we’re always going to keep building and getting better,” Moore said.
And with more than 250 kids stopping by since it’s Grand Opening on Saturday, Moore says it’s already a great jumping off point.

The Moore’s daughter was born a week after the house of bounce fire destroyed it. They named her Ember. For a link to the House Of Bounce Facebook Page, click here. To view it’s website, click here.