Joplin’s face mask ordinance to expire Sunday

How Joplin Businesses Are Handling The Mask Ordinance

JOPLIN, Mo. – Joplin Mayor Ryan Stanley announces the expiration of the City’s mask ordinance.

Stanley says Ordinance No. 2020-176 will expire at the end of the day, February 28, 2021. This ordinance established the rule for residents to wear faces masks in public. It went into effect prior to last year’s holiday season on November 20, 2020.

“The expiration of this ordinance lifts the requirement that citizens must wear masks in public or at businesses that do not require it,” said Stanley. “Although the mandate has been removed, everyone is still encouraged to practice safe measures that we’ve been doing throughout this past year. Our community has continued to monitor and adjust their personal practices during the pandemic. We appreciate their diligence and support in taking these steps for the good of the community.”

The mask ordinance is a document independent of the City’s Response and Recovery Plan.

Currently the City is in Phase 2 Step 4 of the plan (read full plan below). The plan documents mask requirements for restaurants and personal service businesses like salons and barber shops.

In a release from the City of Joplin, residents are reminded that businesses may establish their own guidelines, or some may be directed by a federal agency or their corporation’s policies during the pandemic. This includes the Joplin Regional Airport and Joplin’s public transportation service with MAPS and Sunshine Lamp Trolley.

COJ COVID-19 Reopening the Economy Plan PHASE TWO STEP TWO FINAL 6 1 2020