Joplin’s Britton gets MMA title shot on home turf

Teejay Britton fights for the Cage of Honor featherweight title on March 20th in Joplin.

JOPLIN, Mo. – Teejay Britton is about to step in the cage for one of the biggest fights in his MMA career.

“These opportunities don’t come all the time,” Britton says, “When an opportunity comes knocking like this, you jump on it. It did, and we jumped on it.”

Britton will fight at Cage of Honor 81 on the 20th, with the featherweight title on the line.

“Most fighters don’t hold titles as a pro,” Britton adds, “This opportunity to be able to do that, for one of the longest running promotions in the four-state area, is truly a blessing.”

He gets this opportunity in his own back yard – fighting at “Elevate the Game” in Joplin.


“My last few fights have been on national television. You know people are watching, but you can’t look into the camera and see them. It does give you a lot of energy,” he says of getting to fight in front of his friends and family, “This will be my first fight that my kids are coming to watch me live. That gets me a little excited.”

Britton (6-2 MMA) will square up with Sky Moiseichik, who fights out of Florida.

“The aamera’s aren’t going to make him nervous. He’s going to be ready to fight. He’s going to be ready to fight five rounds,” Britton says of his opponent, “These are the types of fights I get excited about. He’s got a lot of heart. I have a lot of heart. It’s going to be a very interesting fight.”

Win or lose, Britton says he’s already put in the work – and this fight is the reward.

“That’s why a lot of time I’m smiling in the cage. That’s the fun part,” Britton finishes, “That’s the part that I’ve worked hard for to get me where I’m at. I just have fun, man. I want to be a light in this dark world, so I’ll go in and have fun.”

Cage of Honor 81 is on March 20th, with fights beginning at 6 PM.